A Bullet Journal for Writers

If you haven't heard of the bullet journal phenomenon, search bujo in Pinterest or Instagram and behold the latest craze. Enter with caution -- it may take over your life! It's become something the founder of this system probably never envisioned. My version is painfully simple and embarrassingly plain in comparison to the creations of those with more time and better artistic ability. So, it is with a bit of apprehension that I share my version of the bujo.

I never planned to share this on my blog or admit to this level of geeky obsession. But I was having coffee with a former student this week (Anna Kholod), and she asked me how I make time to write while working a full-time job -- the struggle most of us are trying to navigate. So, with a little hesitation, I pulled out my bullet journal to show her my humble system of trying to make my writing goals tangible and real. And we frankly nerded out!