Dough & Cookies

Great Plains Theatre Conference

I'm so excited to announce that my play Dough & Cookies was selected to receive a PlayLab reading at GPTC this summer. It was one of 21 plays chosen out of over 800. With those odds, I feel incredibly lucky. 

Check it out:

It's especially gratifying because of the intensive revision I did to the play after attending the Kenyon Institute last summer. Seriously, I can pinpoint specific sessions at Kenyon that helped feed the latest revision. So if you're a playwright who needs to recharge, get a reminder of some core craft, and meet some inspiring people, you should apply. 

After revising, I was invited to do a developmental workshop at Third Course: Theatre in Austin, TX, which helped solidify those changes. Lisa Neely (director), Leslie Dovale (dramaturg), and the talented cast provided me with the necessary next step. 

I also received some notes from my mentor, Brian Silberman. It's been more than a decade since I studied with Brian, and he's still willing to read my work and give me thoughtful feedback. How great is that? 

Maybe that's the lucky part, having the convergence of so many wonderful people who helped me get this one ready.