Calling Former Writing Students

Coffee and cookies = hospitality

Coffee and cookies = hospitality

Okay -- if you are a former writing student of mine, in any genre -- playwriting, screenwriting, fiction writing (poets are welcome too though I wouldn't have taught you in that genre!) -- I'm launching a new private blog devoted to you called Common Ground.

My goal is to make a forum where you can still experience a writing community.  If you're like me, you miss your peers from school and feel like you don't have a writing community anymore (or at least one that's close by).  So... in that spirit (the spirit of hospitality -- remember that?), let's post stuff to Common Ground. 

I want this space to be yours, so make it what you want.  I envision a place where you can talk about what you're working on, brag about any accomplishments, post events and contests, do a new work exchange (in any genre) and provide feedback.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect is the new work exchange.  I think it's perfectly fine to swap a play for a piece of fiction.  Maybe more important than genre is length.  I would recommend swapping around the same length.  Remember good writing is good writing, so even though you may not have the language to talk about the craft of playwriting, the elements of character and storytelling still apply.  And I think it's valid to get multiple kinds of critique from various sources.  

I am not going to generate a ton of stuff on this.  I want this to be for you and by you.  It may take some time to get a large group involved because it's an invitation only thing.  But stick with it, and we'll see what happens.  

Oh, and since this is a private blog, you'll have to subscribe to it to follow...I won't be posting these entries on Facebook.   

If you want to be included in the private blog, here are the instructions: 

Email me at to ask for access, and I'll send you the password and the email address you'll use to post content to the blog.  Anything you send to that email address will automatically post to the blog.  

That's it!  Let's do this thing...