a full-length play, 8 F/6 M

Synopsis: When Mountains Move is the epic tale of Lillie Mae Bostic, told through a Chorus of Coal Miners and a bluegrass band. Due to the unusual circumstances of her birth, her father believes God has given her a Word for her people. The story, set on Black Mountain, Kentucky, follows the decade-long labor struggle of the coal miners for the basic human rights denied them in the 1930s. In the midst of the struggle, Lillie Mae searches for her Word while growing up in the Closplint Church of God, surrounded by women who join the fight for freedom. While the play is fictional, it is inspired by historical accounts of Bloody Harlan in the 1930s, the preacher-miners who secretly helped get UMWA support, and the oral histories of the people who remember the struggle. The play explores how the power of words and a little bit of faith can move mountains.


Images from Production by Lee University Theatre, Feb. 2018, dir. by Christine Williams. Set design: Rebecca Bandy. Light design: Catherine Mantooth. Costume design: Khristina Scoggins. Dramaturg: Heather Helinsky. Cast: Anna Marie Brendel, Erin-Glynn King, Nathan Chamberlain, Emma Riley, Caroline Byrd, Stephanie Wolfe, Scott Rust, Elise Jardine, Brain Ericson, Anna Barge, Luke Benton, Danielle Schumaker, Zac Beatty, Ethan Pierce.

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