a one-act play, 2 F/1 M

Synopsis:  In an Alaskan cabin, Erva, acting on a strange impulse, strips her house of the objects from her life, forming a massive pile.  In a desperate attempt to find out what madness has overtaken Erva, her daughter Lynn comes home.  Lynn discovers that Erva’s infected leg will have to be amputated, the result of a back injury that occurred 30 years ago in a snowmobile accident.  The decision about whether or not to have her leg amputated is the cause for familial conflict and an exploration of the past.  Erva fights to determine her own fate – a choice denied her by her husband Roman 30 years ago when the accident occurred.  

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The play received a staged reading at ODU and productions at the Pittsburgh New Works Festival and The Heritage Players in 2006 (directed by Jay Brechenridge).