a full-length play, 2 F/3 M


Synopsis: Letters to John Lennon is a two-act play about one woman's fantasies, nightmares, and memories that expose her desperate need to feel worthy of love.  On the 25th anniversary of John Lennon's death, Kay plans to go public with her identity as Lennon's illegitimate daughter.  She believes this will result in her sudden rise to fame, a new peace movement, and the success of the rock band that has fired her.  Several disasters keep her from her goals, the biggest of which is the arrival of Maury, who claims to be her real father.  When Maury's claim seems authentic, Kay's fantasies of Lennon are threatened introducing the ominous presence of Mark Chapman, who tries to kill her.  In the end, Kay must choose between living in fantasy or reality, or opt for an altogether new kind of reality.

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