Below is a running list of theatres and theatre artists that I work with often.  Their work has so informed my own that it only seems right to include a page about them. 

Also, the photographers who have furnished the pictures on this website are acknowledged here.  

3rd Course: Theatre

From their website: After mulling over Erik Ehn’s concept of theatrical hospitality, a group of artists gathered and got to work: the first project took place in various living rooms throughout Austin, an exchange of dinner for theatre, our offering being the ‘3rd course’ of the evening.  Since then, the expanding community of artists and collaborators has developed new plays (several of which have gone on to win awards around the country) and performed in homes, attics, and small theatres in Austin, Atlanta, and New York City.  The project continues to explore relationships between artist and audience, develop new work, and to create imaginative moments out of minimal materials.  3rd Course: Theatre is based in Austin, TX.


Lisa Neely




Amber Woods




Kim Jackson






Sara Renee








Rachel Schrock

Austin Gunter

Theatre Artists

Lisa Neely and I met in graduate school.  We like to say we grew up together in the theatre.  We've collaborated on plays as director/playwright for over 10 years.  It's a rare gift to have an ongoing relationship with a collaborator.  We believe it makes for a richer experience for us, and we hope for the actors, and the audience.  Here is her bio:

Lisa Neely engages the theatre as a director, actor, teacher, and researcher.  Her work ranges from contemporary plays to Greek classics, from mime to new play development.  She was awarded best director by Portfolio magazine of Hampton Roads, VA, for her production of Medea. Among her most memorable theatrical experiences was time invested as artistic director of Red Clay Theatre in Cleveland, TN.  She has a particular interest in the collaborative process of playwright and director on new work, and her scholarly focus is in theatre of hospitality as espoused by Eric Ehn.  She currently resides in Austin, TX, where she continues an initiative in theatrical hospitality through 3rd Course: Theatre.

Amber and I have been working together as playwright/actor since the early 2000s.  So often I find myself writing plays for her.  She's an amazing talent and wonderful collaborator on new work. Her bio: 

Amber Wood met Stacey Isom in graduate school. She is pleased to have participated in performance readings of Isom's California Dreamin', Letters to John Lennon, On the 8s, and Dough and Cookies.  Regional credits: Streetsigns/Piedmont Performance Factory; Skydive/Common Ground; Summer Sisters;  Deep Dish Theatre Company; Haymaker; Manbites Dog Theater; Urban Garden Performing Arts; Koka Booth Shakespeare; Shakespeare in the Grove; 40th Street Stage; Red Clay Theatre Company; Children’s Theatre of Hampton Roads; Virginia Stage Company. Wood has served twice as a guest artist for the Lee University Writer’s Festival and as Artist in Residence at Park Place School for the Virginia Stage Company. She specializes in devised theatre and the development of new works. Currently in process: America Forever for Haymaker. 

Kim and I met at Red Clay Theatre when she performed a Shakespeare monologue that left me transfixed.  I was surprised to find such a talented actor living in Chattanooga and have endeavored to work with her as often as I can since.  Her bio:

Kim Jackson met Stacey Isom shortly after moving to Tennessee when she auditioned for Red Clay Theatre. Kim performed in Tartuffe and the world premiere of The Yip at Red Clay and has been honored to collaborate with Stacey on A Proportional Response, Dough and Cookies and The Memory of Ice as a guest artist with Lee University. Working with Stacey and being a part of her work is a true gift. Kim has appeared in regional productions in Atlanta, Los Angeles and Washington, DC before finding her way to Chattanooga. As a lifelong storyteller, SAG-AFTRA actress and latest role of full-time Mommy, Kim is truly grateful to have crossed creative paths with Stacey and, to quote a great playwright, “endeavors to work with her as often as I can.” 


The beautiful photographs of the typewriter and the headshot on the bio page were taken by the amazing Sara Renee.  Here is her bio and a link to her website:

Raised an adventurer, Sara Renee has lived and traveled all over the world.

She rides trains, flies in planes and uses her legs to get wherever it may be that she’s going. Movement and growth are a constant in her life. You can call her SR.

Starting her own freelance photography business when she was eighteen, Sara Renee continued on to the prestigious Hallmark Institute of Photography to get a formal education in photography, building upon four years of photography/business experience.  Since we’re talking about education, you should know that Sara Renee also has her BA in English Literature, and is an avid reader. She loves classic literature, and is enamoured with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes, Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn characters, and Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables.

As far as photography style goes, Sara Renee likes what is real. She likes shooting wide open. She likes big catchlights. She likes dimples and freckles. She likes to rock & roll and her clients seem to always turn into her close friends. Her approach is lifestyle meets rockstar meets fashion/editorial.  Sara Renee is based out of Cleveland, TN but travels all over the world for weddings and photoshoots.

Rachel took a lot of the photos for the Lee University Writer's Festival.  She always does amazing work.  You can find out more about her at:


I met Austin, who was taking photographs for the Lee Clarion, at the workshop of The Memory of Ice.  He offered to send me the photos after the reading.  I loved his photos so much that I used some of them here.  I hope I can use him in the future.